Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements


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Canada is a country known for endless employment and career opportunities. With the increase in demand for new occupations in the country, it has recently started a program called Canada skilled worker program for qualified skilled workers who wish to work for the growth of the country’s economy. Under this new scheme maximum of 25,000 applications will be accepted every year.

Canada federal skilled immigration program:


Candidates who wish to stay in the country as a permanent resident can choose Canada federal skilled worker program as the best option to migrate to Canada. This program is meant only for overseas applicants who intend to shift and work in Canada.

A candidate applying for Canada federal skilled worker program has to undergo a point-based assessment that has been a mandatory one to migrate to the country by the Canadian government. If you wish to get detailed information on the point-based test of Canada, you can consult the immigration consultants of MoreVisas to resolve your issues.

Application of a candidate is assessed on six key criteria’s such as education, age, language capability, work experience, adaptability and arranged employment.

To migrate to this beautiful destination, one has to meet few of the basic requirements of this program.

Basic requirements to apply for Canada federal skilled immigration program:


  • Should have an experience of one year as a continuous or paid work in the domain of choose
  • Valid job offer letter from the company
  • Must be an overseas student registered in any of the Ph.D. or graduate programs of the country
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for their stay in the country
  • Absence of criminal record

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