Family Immigration to Canada now Possible


Planning to settle in Canada along with your family? We are happy to inform you that getting a Canadian PR is no longer a dream as some may think. At MoreVisas, we as a team are committed to uniting you with your loved ones.

Will my family be eligible to join me in Canada?


If it is your spouse or conjugal or common-law partner or your dependent children, then they fall into the eligible category for getting a Family Immigration Visa. In the case of dependent children, the other factor that should be kept in mind is that their age should be below 22 years, should not be having a spouse or common-law partner and should be financially dependent on the parent.

In order to sponsor your family members, one must be above 18 years, should be a resident of Canada and must sponsor your spouse or family member for a period of three to 10 years. The sponsor should be capable of sustaining their dependents and during this time, the migrants should not try to find monetary assistance from the federal government.

Documents required for proof of legal relationship


  • If you are married, you need to furnish the marriage certificate, joint documents for health insurance and house ownership as well as life insurance papers.
  • For the dependent child, the sponsor needs to submit the birth certificate as proof of age, a copy of the husband and wife’s marriage certificate and evidence to establish that the child is theirs and not an adopted one.

MoreVisas guides you in getting a Family Immigration Visa


In order to get a legal and valid visa for your family and dependents to enable you to move and settle in Canada, our experts at MoreVisas follows a methodological process to guide you in all ways possible. After all, we know the importance your family holds for you. We would want you to have a jubilant reunion in the best way possible.

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