Skilled Individuals Can Apply for Visa under Australia Skilled Immigration



  • Types of Australia Skilled Migration Visas
  • Benefits of Australia Skilled Immigration
  • Australian has introduced an online system to select the skilled migrants

Australia has always been in demand for the highly skilled individuals who could rapidly contribute to the economy of the country. Skilled migration visas offer one of the best prospects for skilled employees to live and work in Australia under the Australian General Skilled Migration program.

Australia skilled immigration has got many options for highly skilled workers who will not only contribute their talent by working in Australia but also by staying there permanently. Through this Australia Skilled immigration, a skilled employee has got the freedom to work in any part of the country but the skilled immigrant should possess’ proficiency in English language, good work experience and they should be highly qualified and their profession should be listed in the skilled occupations list.

The Australian government has introduced an online system to select the skilled migrants which is also called as SkillsSelect. Through this system overseas skilled migrants are selected for doing the job in Australia. An individual needs to submit an Expression of Interest EOI and then send their profile in the pool. The candidate’s profile is selected based on the points system. And if they are selected the candidates would get an invitation to apply for the visa to come and work in Australia.

Types of Australia Skilled Migration Visas


  • Skilled Independent Visa –Subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Visa – Subclass 489
  • Skilled Temporary Work Visa – Subclass 457

Eligibility Criteria


The age of an individual should not be more than 50 years, should possess post secondary qualifications, should be fluent in English language, occupation should be on Skilled Occupations List, skills assessment is required, should get at least 67 points to qualify for visa, should also possess previous work experience, an individual should make sure that his health condition is good and an individual should be of good character.

Benefits of Australia Skilled Immigration


An individual migrating to Australia on skilled visas has the freedom to reside and work in any part of the country, they can study and work in Australia, they can avail all the social benefits like health related care and Medicare, they can apply for the Australian Citizenship and they can also sponsor their loved ones to become the permanent resident of Australia.

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