South Africa Immigration Offers Abundant Opportunities



  • How to Apply for Immigration?
  • Categories for Immigration:
  • Requirements

South Africa is enhancing as a very alluring destination, every year numbers of international citizens are migrating to this country due to its astounding quality of life and steady trade market. Overseas citizens those are wishing to migrate to this country need to know the process of immigration, different categories, and requirements.

Here is an outline on South Africa immigration, its requirements etc. In order to instruct the overseas nationals who are scheduling to move to South Africa.

How to Apply for Immigration?


Normally, the candidates those who want to apply for South Africa immigration can apply from their own country. But they should meet some minimum requirements like

  • The requirement of sponsorship from any lawful resident of the country or from any relative or employer residing in SA.
  • A valid work permit should be required from the country now you are existing
  • Should be free from the responsibility, in order to get a residence permit n a temporary basis.

Categories for Immigration:


There are mainly two types of categories in the immigration process to SA.

  • Direct Residence: Coming to this category, generally this is issued to the overseas citizens those who have already received a permanent offer for the concerned job and are working in the country since five years on a work permit. If the candidate meets all his necessary requirements then there are allotted direct residence even for their children fewer than 21 and spouse.
  • Residence on other grounds: This type of immigration category includes the following requirements
  1. Should possess outstanding qualification and skills
  2. Employment offer letter is required from the employer
  3. Should have the intention to start a business in the country



  • In order to immigrate to SA, the foreign nationals must meet some common requirements to study, live and work in the country
  • Should invest their qualification, skills, resources, and experience
  • The applications are considered individually based on the autonomous statutory body which is the immigrant’s selection board.
  • The candidate needs to submit a request to the ministry of Home Affairs for applying for a residence permit. For this, the candidate needs to determine that he/she is a good person and not a prohibited person
  • Should have a conduct and health certificate

Initially, the desired foreign nationals who want to travel to SA need to apply for a visitor visa. Some countries like U.S, Australia and the UK don’t need a visitor visa to travel into the country they can stay up to 90 days after that if their stay exceeds then they need to apply for the visitor visa.

Hence, the following factors should be followed by the foreign citizens who are enthusiastic to work, settle, study, and retire in South Africa.

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