Study in UK with a Tier 4 Student visa



  • UK Tier 4 (General) Student visa
  • Individual, above 16 years of age eligible to study in this country
  • Tier 4 Student visa is based on points

The UK is known for its fine and world-class education which is proffered by its schools, colleges, and universities. Every year, thousands of students come here from faraway destinations to gain knowledge from the contemporary and state-of-the-art technologies. The academic faculty is also very efficient here and imparts up-to-date knowledge to the international students. If you too wish to come here to acquire a degree, you first need to apply for UK Tier 4 student visa. Consult MoreVisas which can guide you in this process.

UK Tier 4 (General) Student visa


This visa is given to an individual if he or she is above 16 years of age and wants to study in this country. You must be able to meet the following parameters in order to be eligible:-

  •  English language proficiency
  •  Have got an offer from an institution of UK
  •  Sufficient funds to take care of all your expenses
  •  Are a resident of a nation apart from EEA/Switzerland

Documents required:-


  •  Valid passport
  •  Proofs to show your self-sufficiency
  •  Specific medical tests like for Tuberculosis

The Tier 4 Student visa is based on points. You should apply for an extension before the present one expires. You can also include your spouse and dependent children under this visa.

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5 comments on “Study in UK with a Tier 4 Student visa

  1. I am intending to travel to UK on student visa. I am unaware of UK student visa process. Will Morevisas help me in UK student visa process?

    1. The three types of UK student visas are:
      • UK Student visitor visa
      • UK tier 4 (Child) Student visa
      • UK tier 4 (General) Student visa