Submit your applications in a two or three ringed hardback binder with dividing tabs clearly separating each section as suggested below.  Do not include multiple copies of any document. Tab A (Table of Contents)   Cover letter describing the enterprise, this letter should address all the requirements for E-2 visa eligibility, mainly: That the requisite […]

Prerequisites of E1 Settlement Visa Application

E1 settlement visa application  TAB A   Initial letter describes the beneficiary; The letter must address all the important criteria that the imperative arrangement exists; that the individual and business has the nationality of the agreement nation; that the exercises contain exchange inside the significance of the Immigration and Nationality Act 101 (a) (15) (E); […]

Interesting Facts About F1 Visa For Students

USA immigration grants this visa to the aspiring students who want to pursue their education in the USA. F1-Visa is a non-immigrant visa, where you can enter the USA and study in the chosen School or University. Visa is granted for five years. The process depends on the admission from the educational institutions. It can […]

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