Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong is ranked sixth in the world for least restrictive immigration laws for foreign talent. By adopting an open and liberal approach to immigration, Hong Kong ensures its sustainability in a globally competitive market. Hong Kong Business Visa Schemes The Hong Kong experts devised the QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) in 2006 to pull […]

An Interesting History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is made up of a variety of people, such as Cantonese, British, Indians, and the local Jewish community. The majority of the population is Cantonese and this is the mainstream culture. It has also benefited from a fusion of western ideas over the years as the culture has changed from the older, more […]

Different Types of Hong Kong Visas for the Migrants

Hong Kong is gradually becoming a well-liked destination for those overseas migrants who desire to experience life in abroad. They can either work, study or travel and visit diverse places. It is a contemporary nation with plentiful of opportunities in computing business and also in various fields. In order to make the international migrants comfortable, […]