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Just a couple months ago a Danish politician was called on his harsh words when he was heard saying that boats carrying refugees should be fired upon.
These boats, carrying immigrants who are people attempting to make their way to a better life and a safer area, have been noted for some time as people attempting to make the perilous trip from one location to another. In this case the boats in question were attempting to reach a safe port within Europe where they might be accepted.
The politician in question, a lawmaker that works for the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, was put on record as speaking the controversial words not long after a debate in Copenhagen. It goes without saying that his words sparked a great deal of interest as well as heated debate on how refugees should be treated. He even went on Facebook later on to clarify his statements.
He then claimed that he did truly advocate shooting at the refugees, but simply meant that warning shots should be utilized against those ships that were found to carrying immigrants illegally, no matter if they were refugees or not.
The DPP’s EU spokesman turned the debate around by stating that it would be more efficient to turn the boats around while stating that they could not enter the territory under any circumstances. This would be more humane and less controversial, but he also added in that warning shots would be a deterrent used only when necessary if the boats did not heed the warning.
As hard as it was for the spokesman to admit, he agreed with the idea of warning shots to be fired to get the point across, but only as a last resort.
Despite not actively joining with ISIS or any other terrorist group, Denmark has been rather iron-fisted when it comes to dealing immigrants lately.
The refusal of allowing refugees into their borders has even taken a few controversial twists. One of those is that police are allowed to confiscate any personal valuables from refugees to help pay for their accommodation if they are accepted within their borders.
There are of course reasonable measures being taken to insure that Denmark does not become flooded with refugees. The tactics they’ve used so far have shocked many and seem to be bent more on isolating their country from those in need of help.

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