The Canada Federal Traders Worker Class Program Requirements

The Canada Federal Traders Worker Class Program Requirements


  • National Occupational Classification
  • permanent residents of Canada
  • Immigrant with skilled trader visa

The government of Canada has a program of offering visas to interested individuals who wish to enter the country to offer their skills in trade attained over their years of learning and working in various sectors of trade back to their home countries. This gave a chance to many people who aspired to become permanent residents of Canada and at the same time better themselves in their skilled trade knowledge.

However, for immigrants who wish to enter the country with a skilled trader visa, commonly known as Express Entry, and live in Quebec will be disappointed as there are other processes and a new set of requirements to be met for an individual to qualify to live in Canada’s capital city. This is because the province of Quebec carries out its own selection process for skilled traders, therefore, immigrants with skilled trader’s visa have to live outside Quebec for a while before becoming eligible to live in the province of Quebec.

To be eligible for the federal trader’s worker visa, one must meet the selected levels of knowledge in English or French. Assessments are done to see if applicants have the ability to speak, read, write or listen to one of the two languages or even both. Skilled traders must have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience if they were working in a full-time program or four years experience if they were working part-time.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) distinguish the authentic candidates from the counterfeit candidates applying for the skilled trader’s visa by setting qualification requirements that have to be met by everyone who wishes to enter the country with this particular visa. This ensures that only the deserving applicants obtain this visa.

The final requirement of this visa is that an applicant must have an offer for full-time employment for a period not less than one year. Alternatively, they could be awarded a certificate of qualification after training in that particular skilled trade program. These certificates are usually issued by the territorial authority of the location of residence of the immigrant with skilled trader visa or a Canadian provincial authority. With these requirements, it means immigrants with aspirations to acquire skilled trader’s visas have to work for a minimum of 30 hours every week for the next two years in their specified skilled trade within the 5-year period given before application.

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