The U.S B1 Business Visa for the Overseas Entrepreneurs



  • Credentials needed during the Interview
  • Travel to the USA on a B1 Business visa is required to express the genuine reason
  • Apply for this visa at least 60 days before their travel date

The overseas entrepreneurs, who wish for initiating a new production or business or want to travel to U.S on a short business trip, can now effortlessly travel to the USA with B1 Business Visa. This is a non-immigrant visa issued to a business associated work only for a short period. This visa is valid for a multiple business related workouts like for business meetings, attending the business conferences and small inaugurations related to your business etc.

Overseas business people those who want to take a trip the U.S are required to apply for this visa at least 60 days before their travel date. The time for obtaining a visa is based on the consulates. The candidates are supposed to carry the required credentials during the time of interview for getting the B1 Business visa.

The Essential Documents:

The following documents are required to carry by the international entrepreneurs

  • Required to carry all the old passports
  • Required to bring the visa interview selection letter
  • Required to hold a passport with valid date before their travel
  • Required to have a stamped confirmation page of the US visa application form

Credentials needed during the Interview:

A trade person who is desired to travel to the USA on a B1 Business visa is required to express the genuine reason of his/her visit and are supposed to prove the officer and should the a suitable reason for his travel and below are some necessary documents that are required and may be helpful at the time of interview if you are a worker from a company applied for the visa and which is sponsored by your employer.

  • If you are a worker of any business you should get an acceptance letter from your employer searching for the business visa for you by indicating the intention, period of your stay and also the company’s deep intention for bearing your entire cost of the trip.
  • In case if you are a business holder then you need to submit all the evidence like Bank statements, funds, Tax returns, a copy of the passbooks etc. that displays your ability for traveling to the country.
  • Carry any identity card related to your business or your company
  • Required to carry all the Tax papers, financial records, any advertisement brochures, Newspaper coverage’s regarding your company
  • If the candidate is going to attend any seminars, other business conferences, related programs are required to forward their registration evidence, pass or invitation of the related event during the time of interview.

If these essential documents are satisfied then the applicant in a good way is granted the B1 Business Visa by the consular

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