Tier 4 Student Visa Makes Your Dream of Education Come True in UK

If you are a foreign national wishing to move the UK as a student for pursuing higher studies for a period of six months or more then you need to apply for Tier 4 student visa. A visa is a certificate that gives you the permission to enter the country.

What is Tier 4 student visa?

Overseas students coming from various countries need to apply for this student visa if they aim to study a full-time graduate course in this country. The eligibility for applying this visa is calculated based upon the points you score. The students also require a sponsorship from any educational institution or university in the UK. As a student from overseas you need to know the basic requirements and rules for applying for a Tier 4 student visa. One has to constantly keep an eye on the updates of this visa as they regularly keep on updating.

Once the overseas students get the confirmation from the CAS that they have been sponsored by a university then they can easily score 30 points and the university also should make sure that they have well enough English language skills with which they can score some more points if the student has the sufficient funds to meet his/her requirements during their stay in the country will also fetch them 10 points for their student visa for UK. The main facility in this Tier 4 student visa is the students can apply for scholarships and other subsidies provided by the government.

There are certain requirements for applying Tier 4 student visa:

  • Course confirmation: The particular candidate may need to receive a confirmation letter from any authorized university which is called Conformation of Acceptance for studies (CAS) for pursuing their studies in the country.
  • Funding: the students need to show an evidence of sufficient funds that supports their living costs and also the course tuition fees as long as they live in the country.
  • Visa Application: overseas students who those who are willing to study in this country need file an application for this visa and as a part of this they need to submit all the required documents at the time of submission in order to avoid delays and rejections.
  • Immigration Health Service: This is for all the overseas students who come from other nations and stay more than six months they are requested to apply for this service in order to gain access to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. They need to be an active member of this service as long as they reside in this country.

Work while studying:

Students under this Tier 4 student visa can work while studying. The government of UK has introduced this option for the international students in order to make them support their studies. The students can work up to 20 hours per week Part-time during weekdays and full-time during holidays. This facility is only for those who are pursuing their graduation or even higher studies in well-recognized universities in the UK and also for more than six months.

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