Understand the Various Types of USA Immigration’s Available



  • Immigrant visas that are limited in some categories
  • USA immigration offers a wide range of visas for the international individuals
  • Employment-Based Immigration

The USA is the dream destination for the foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the country. Generally, those who want are willing to work or lead their life permanently in U.S need to know about the USA immigration. Initially, they need to apply for an immigrant visa in order to be a legal permanent resident. This process is an intricate process and you will get to know about the complete process and various types of immigration programs.

The Department of USA immigration offers a wide range of visas for the international individuals. In order to get qualified for getting an immigrant visa, the candidate must be having a sponsor who is an official permanent resident of U.S or an employer from that country. The sponsor begins the immigration process by filing the application on behalf of the applicant with the help of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).There are over 60 types of nonimmigrant visas available for the foreign citizens. Immigration to this country is the best choice because you get plentiful opportunities regarding jobs, studies or any other factors.

The different types of immigration available are:


Immigration Based on Family: In order to get an immigrant visa the U.S citizen can file an appeal for

  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Son or Daughter
  • Brother or Sister

As a green-card holder, a legal permanent resident can file a request for

  • Unmarried son or Daughter
  • Spouse

Employment-Based Immigration: In order to get this immigration visa the U.S employer must sponsor the applicant who will be hired into the permanent job by the concerned employer. Under some special conditions, the US law allows the potential immigrants to sponsor themselves and also provides a number of special immigrant categories to make them feel easy.

Immigrant visas that are limited in some categories: There are some limits on some of the immigrant visa categories. According to the law of United States, the number of visas available every year has certain limits. There will be a waiting list for this kind of visas due to the exceeding of the number of qualified applicants than the available immigrant visas so as to clear this situation the available immigrant visas are issued chronologically.

These above-mentioned different types of immigration programs may benefit the international citizens to get to their dream destination. The USA immigration department has introduced these types of immigrations in order make the foreign individuals feel free to apply and get fixed in the country. Based on the purpose of your visit you can choose the type of program you need.

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