US Immigration Process has Various Types of Visas



  • Various Immigration Visas
  • Permanent Visas
  • Temporary Visas

Usually the overseas people those who are excited to work or live enduringly in this nation need to gain an immigrant visa. This is the first step for being a legal permanent resident of US the US immigration process is a complex one. In this process, you will discover to know about a variety of immigrant visas, complete process, requirements, documents and essential steps needed for immigration process and learn about who may immigrate to the U.S.

U.S offers a broad variety of visas for overseas persons. There are more than 60 types of visas non-immigrant visas obtainable for the overseas citizens. To be eligible for receiving an immigrant visa, the candidate needs to have a sponsor who is a legal permanent resident of that country or from the prospective employer under definite circumstances. The actual process begins by filling out a request by the sponsors on behalf of you with the assistance of the (USCIS) US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Various Immigration Visas:


There are generally two types of immigration visas

  • Permanent visas (Immigrant)– For a permanent stay in the country
  • Temporary visas (Non-immigrant visas)- For a temporary stay in the country

Based on your purpose of your visit these visas are majorly divided into two types. These visas are again classified within each type.

Permanent Visas:


  • Family-sponsored immigration visa.
  • Relative immigration visa.
  • Employment immigrant visas.
  • Diversity immigration program generally called Green Card lottery.
  • Employer sponsored visa.

Temporary Visas:


  • H-1B visa: It’s a work visa for those willing to work in the country.
  • F-1 visa: It’s for students, willing to study in the U.S (student visa).
  • E-1 visa: It’s a Treaty Trader visa, for spouse and children.
  • E-2 visa: It’s a Treaty Investor visa, for children and spouse.
  • B-1 visa: It’s a temporary visa for Business purpose.
  • B-2 visa: It’s also a temporary visa for visitors for pleasure comes under a Tourist visa.

These above various types of visas may profit the overseas people to get to their dream destination. The US immigration process has different types of visas in order make the overseas persons feel free to apply and get fixed in the country. Based on the intention of your visit now you can choose the type of visa you need and make your journey flourishing.

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