Why do We Need to Move to Other Countries?

Why do We Need to Move to Other Countries


  • Why Do People Immigrate?
  • Reasons for Settling Abroad

People have moved from their home countries to other places for centuries.

This movement can be due to various reasons which can be economical, political, social or environmental in general. For the sake of simplicity, these general factors can be categorized into two types. The “push” factors and the other one are “pull” factors.

But whatever the other reasons may be, immigrants mostly move from their countries in a hope to have a financially stable and peaceful life for themselves and their future generations in the other place.



Push factors are those that force the citizens to leave their home and move to another place because they find it difficult to remain where they are. These factors may include:

  • Shortage of resources for development due to which there is a lack of employment opportunities.
  • Political unrest, severe law and order situation or internal conflicts can be a push factor for immigration.
  • High natural disasters rate and having no solution to decrease their effects in under developed countries can cause a fear among people, hence forcing them to leave.
  • Poverty and low standard of living are also a reason for moving to another place, as everyone wants to have the best living conditions possible.
  • Another main reason for immigration of people could be that they are not getting freedom of practicing their desired religion at a particular place. As some countries have discriminating rules for majorities and minorities.



Reasons categorized under Pull factors are those due to which people move to another particular area. Immigrants are mostly drawn to countries such as the USA or UK due to the following reasons:

  • Developed countries such as above have a higher rate of employment then under-developed countries. Therefore people move there to find work or to follow their career path.
  • Acquiring wealth and increasing the standard of one’s living is another factor involved in immigration.
  • People living in places with the higher number of natural disasters often move to countries with lower risks from natural hazards to living comfortably.
  • Better education opportunities are also a reason for immigration. Since the education system in under-developed countries is not up to the mark, so people migrate to the advanced countries for a better education system for their children to increase their success rate in life.

Immigration usually takes place due to the combination of the above-categorized push and pull factors.

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