Work and Live in Cyprus through Cyprus Immigration



  • Living and Working in Cyprus
  • Foreign nationals for their long-term residence or for their self-employment or studies
  • Cyprus immigration have started a new policy of Economic Citizenship

The province of Cyprus is one of the members of European Union. Mainly it is the constitutional government and is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and is the largest island in the Mediterranean and formerly it was a part of the British colony. This province has united its Cyprus immigration and regulations with the European Union for the sake of foreign nationals for their long-term residence or for their self-employment or studies.

The overseas citizens who have been living in this province since more than 5 years are issued the long-term residence permits. Nationals of non-EU countries can make an application to attain a Cyprus Immigration Permit on the basis of certain necessary factors.

Living and Working in Cyprus: In order to work and live in this province, there are different immigration permits like work permits, residence permits.

  • Work permits: The work permit for the people of EU member states is very easy they can work in Cyprus once they are hired by the employer of this province, but they need to get the residence permit. For the citizens of other countries, those who are wishing to work in Cyprus may require work permits. These are approved for jobs by the employer and are generally granted for 1year and can be renewed. All the overseas workers who are working in this province are required to contribute to the social security system.
  • Residence permits: The province of Cyprus has different types of residence permits that are available for the foreign nationals
  1. Category A: This category is for those who are determined to be self-employed in cattle breeding, bird breeding, agriculture, or fish culture in Cyprus are provided or permitted to obtain adequate land that is necessary for their farming.
  2. Category B: This is for those who are designated to be self-employed in mining activities in this province and are provided with a limited permit for such activities.
  3. Category C: This is for the People who are determined to be self-employed in a business or occupation in Cyprus they are also provided with the relative permit for their activities.
  4. Category D: This category is for the People who are enthusiastic to be self-employed in a scientific profession in this province they need to have the required professional qualifications or academic skills that are demanded in Cyprus. Obtaining sufficient funds is also necessary.
  5. Category E: This is for the People who have been granted the permanent job in Cyprus and which will not create any unnecessary regional contest.
  6. Category F: This is for the individuals who have the enough annual income which is sufficient to give them a respectable living in the province without the need of working any kind of trade or profession or business. Most of the candidates fall under Category F, the majority of them are retired people.
  • Fast-track citizenship: The members of Cyprus immigration have started a new policy of Economic Citizenship by which they have decided that they will grant fast-track citizenship to non-EU citizens who will have direct investments, Bank deposits, Business Activities etc.
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