Work Visas for UAE – What you Need to Know!

work visa for uae


  • Qualify for a visa under any of that more-or-less automatic criteria
  • Visa on arrival at the airport
  • Up-to-date information on visas for Dubai and surrounding areas

There might be someone already living there or an employer who’ll sponsor you for admittance, so you can take up a job. Visas for children or minors will vary, for other types of work and lengths of stay. And the visa you require may be decided based on the foundation of the number of things which are taken into account, regardless if you’re coming to work or for a vacation, or the country you’re coming from. If you’re already a citizen of one of the nations in the Gulf Cooperative Council, you do not really need a visa – just your passport will do! Otherwise, you will get your visa on arrival at the airport.

If you’re a citizen of an Arab Gulf Country Council and belong to an inventory of specific professional vocations, then you’ll be allowed a one month visa. These occupations have a tendency to be the professions of physicians, accountants, technicians and public sector employees. If you belong to the nations on an approved list, then you might get a totally free, single visit visa. However, do check with a United Arab Emirates embassy before traveling. The nations on the approved list include the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the nations inside the EU and some others. A complete, up to date list, may be seen on the United Arab Emirates immigration services’ website.

If you do not qualify for a visa under any of that more-or-less automatic criteria, then you need to apply for a visa through a patron. A patron in the Hotel and Tourist Industry may apply for a 14 day Visa service, perhaps even a 30-day Tourist Visa or a one month Visit Visa which could be extended for another 1 month at a later date. Airlines may apply for a 4 days transit visa for airline staff. Other sectors inside the UAE can only try to obtain Visit Visas and Service Visas, but not Tourist Visas.

Whether you have a buddy or a relative already living in the United Arab Emirates, then they may apply for a visa on your behalf as a patron. If these principles sound pretty simple that is because in most cases they are. Nevertheless, visitors from nations including Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Niger have further restrictions. It’s always advised that you check with your internal Naturalization and Residency Administration among the ministry, to get proper, up-to-date information on visas for Dubai and surrounding areas. ,

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